Swedish Clean Water Technology AB (SCWT.se) is a Swedish-Sri Lanka company working with solutions for the lack of water at suitable quality. The access to enough water at right quality is often one of the most limiting factors for development of agricultural, tourism and household standard. It is also often seen that the available water is polluted with waste water and this way limiting the resources even more. 

SCWT.se is building local water management system where we are analysing the local conditions and needs of water. The systems are built as local systems within a defined geographical area. The operation is performed locally with support from experts and user groups in communities. The Water Management systems are monitored and supported by a local financial system, this way strengthening the community ensuring long term operation.  


Water Management System 

The water management system is based on the following principals.  

 1) Water shall only be treated up to the level of purity necessary for the purpose. This means that when water is used for drinking, cooking etc it shall be treated up to maximal purity, when water shall be used for irrigation it shall be treated to a lower purity to meet the requirements of the irrigation purpose. If water shall be used for toilets of similar it only needs to be treated to a level of purity that does not harm the pipes or equipment. To use water of drinking quality in toilet is a waste of money and natural resources. 

2) When considering 1) above, we have difference sources of water – Ground water, which is expensive and a limited resource, sea and surface water and also sewage water. Sewage water will in this system be considered a resource and included in the system setup. This means that all participants in the system will be both producers and consumers of water at different quality, so called prosumers. This is supported by our financial model (link to page 4).