In our Water Management System we are analyzing the actual situation and prerequisites at each site. This way we are optimizing the flow and thus the need for treatment in different steps. The base principal is not to treat water more than necessary (think no flushing of toilets with drinking water!). Since waste water often is a source that will effect the local resources of water due to contamination because of poor or non-existing treatment facilities. 

Depending on the needs of each site we set up a system of water treatment equipment together with sewage treatment facilities. We adapt the systems to the standard of each region to get it working in real life and at the same time have the possibilities of further improvements when the society is ready for this. We are also looking at the infrastructure and plan piping and measurements for a practical and local management. 

We are cooperating with several manufactures of water technology and are using local suppliers of piping, pumps, measuring equipment etc – This way combining the need for high tech solutions and local support and commerce.